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Talents on Screen brings the next generation of creative talent together with Digital Out of Home (DOOH): We are looking for the campaign, that win marketing decision-makers over for DOOH!

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Develop a 10-second spot to win marketing decision-makers over for DOOH!

DOOH is the combination of outdoor advertising with moving images, flexibility, speed and state-of-the-art AdTech.

DOOH is …

  • amazingly big: over 134,000 digital screens in public spaces, 75 % weekly reach, 924 million contacts (video views) per week (see the market media study P&PS 2019/20), just to name the most important key data.
  • at the cutting edge: DOOH is colourful, vibrant and fast. You come across it everywhere: At universities, cinemas, fast food restaurants, malls, gyms, supermarkets, subway & train stations, airports, service areas, waiting rooms, pharmacies and many other outdoor venues!
  • an all-round talent: DOOH’s particularly suited for reaching both mass audience and individual target groups. The medium’s highly flexible in addressing the general public as well as venue-specific audiences.

    Basically DOOH is outdoor advertising powered up with AdTech – geofencing, tracking, targeting, attribution and measurement, completely RESILIENT to some of the typical problems nagging online and mobile advertising such as skipping, ad fraud & ad blockers. As a one-to-many mass medium DOOH’s an allrounder with the sole exception of one-to-one-communication-ability.

Gain fame & glory! The winning spot, determined by an independent jury, goes on air – permanently on several 10,000 public screens throughout Germany, which generates 10 to 20 billion gross contacts (video views) per year. The competition is also accompanied by a PR campaign in the trade press and social media.

The Talents on Screen competition is particularly open to art & design students and graduates as well as to up-and-coming creative talents in advertising agencies. As digital natives we expect you to explore new avenues, break common rules and to think across boundaries!

  • If you want to be in on it, come up with a stunning idea* for a 10-second spot, to be submitted either as a broadcast-ready video clip or a full concept** covering claim, strategy, measures and various realisation options. Note: Your name‘s to be included in the credits!

    Attention: DOOH must do without sound! And DOOH is often perceived in passing, so keep it short and simple!

    * In the event of submission of same or similar ideas/concepts, competing for the 1st place, we assure all participants to reach an amicable settlement.

    ** The winning spot will be produced by us if necessary. The storyboard should be realisable in the context of 2D or 3D animations, i.e. production costs must not exceed 5.000,00 €.

  • Participation in the contest is free of charge. There is no age limit for participants.

  • Fill out registration form (+ photo)

  • Then submit your creative ideas per download link FAO
    Anja v. Fraunberg,
    Deadline: November, 3rd 2020, 23:59

    Please note conditions of participation as well as data protection information.

  • An independent jury of top creatives, agency representatives and marketers will select the winning spot from the entries. The winner will be informed in the course of December 2020.
  • The awarded spot may be produced by us*
  • The winner and awarded spot** will be presented to the public
  • Thereafter the spot goes on air throughout Germany

*The winning spot will be produced by us if necessary. The storyboard should be realisable in the context of 2D or 3D animations, i.e. production costs must not exceed 5.000,00 €.

Contact for more information

DMI Digital Media Institute
Anja v. Fraunberg
Mob: 0175 / 521 94 31

The Jury 2020

Jo Marie Farwick

Alexander Fürthner

Frank Goldberg
Digital Media Institute

Thomas Heinz
Kolle Rebbe

Ralf Heuel
Grabarz & Partner

Hartwig Keuntje
Philipp und Keuntje

Bernd Kracke
Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach

Simone Podlich

Christian-Georg Siebke
TV Wartezimmer

Holger Walsch

Frank Youssoffi
Neo Advertising